Executive Committee and Founders:

Irina Nedeva
Irina Nedeva is a Bulgarian journalist and documentary filmmaker with extensive experience in public broadcast journalism. She is an editor and host with the main informational channel “Horizon” at the Bulgarian National Radio. She is also active in the field of producing and coordinating independent film, television and radio projects. As a strong believer in the social importance of the critical thinking and open public debate she is involved with the first independent Center for Culture and debates “The Red House” since the founding in 2000 till today.
Contact: irina.nedeva[at]

Ivan Radev
Ivan is a correspondent for Bulgaria of the Romanian National News Agency - Adzherpres. He graduated Balkan studies in Sofia University, he has a specializations in Romania and Kosovo. He has worked in the international departments of the Bulgarian electronic and print media.
Contact: iradev[@]

Kristina Hristova
Founder of, the web site of Dnevnik Daily, consacreted on EU issues, Kristina is currently its manager. For her work as journalist, she has been awarded three times by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, with Robert Schuman Award for Journalism, category Internet. Kristina studied International Relations in Sofia, and Political science and Political Sociology in Paris.
Contact: kristina [at]

Vladimir Ivanov
Vladimir is head of the communication department of WWF Bulgaria. He has worked as an online editor, radio host, translator, mountain guide. As a part of AEJ-Bulgaria he has special interest to social media, civil society and netizen behavior. He has studied philology and European studies in Sofia and Paris.
Contact: vladimir [at]

Maria Cheresheva
Maria is a communication expert and freelance journalist. She works voluntarely for providing humanitarian and integration support to refugees and migrants, she is a campaigner for human rights. She has been an editor in ENTERPRISE, Infostock and Evropa.Dnevnik and has experience in various journalistic projects dedicated to the EU and human rights. Maria has studied European Studies in Sofia and Maastricht, and has an internship in the Communication Directorate of the European Parliament.
Contact: maria [at]

Camelia Ivanova
Camelia is an editor in Forbes Bulgaria and a stringer for ARD TV.  She started her career as reporter in the financial Pari Daily. She was part of the Bulgarian section of the magazine BusinessWeek, in 2010 she started the website that focuses on structural funds and financing.
Contact: camelia [at]

Dimiter Kenarov
Dimiter  is a freelance journalist and contributing editor at The Virginia Quarterly Review. His work has appeared in The International Herald Tribune, Boston Review, Esquire, The Nation, Outside, Columbia Journalism Review, The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and others. He holds a bachelor’s degree in American and Russian literature from Middlebury College and a master’s in English from the University of California, Berkeley.
Contact: kenarov [at]


Alexander Alexandrov
Alexander is a freelance journalist in Ikonomika Magazine and Enterprise Magazine. He's also owner of a small group of niche websites including,,,,, etc. He has 14 years experience as technological and business journalist (Balkan Agency, BANKER Weekly, Computerworld Weekly, etc.) and is a beginning sci-fi author.
Contact: alexinfoag [at ]

Doraid Al Hafid
Doraid is dedicated to international journalism and intercultural communication. He is co-founder of blogradio Zemlyanka, where he is a co-host of the show “Global voices”. He has a bachelor degree in journalism from Sofia University, and a master degree in Media, communication, culture in the German-French University.
Contact: alhafid [@]

Ekaterina Voynova
Ekaterina studied European Studies in Sofia University and before graduating started work in Dnevnik's internet edition, in the specialized section Evropa. After almost 3 years there she temporarily put her work on hold to study International Relations and Diplomacy in Leiden. With her return to Bulgaria she came back to, as an internet editor, and mainly for internal news.  Currently she's working in the communications department of WWF - World Wildlife Fund for Nature.
Contact: ekaterina.voynova[@]

Francesco Martino
Based in Sofia, Francesco works as a journalist and Balkan expert for Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, the main Italian online news provider and research centre devoted to social and political change in South-East Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus. He collaborates also with various Italian and international media. Fluent in Italian, English, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, he completed a BA in Media Studies at the University of Trieste, Italy.
Contact: martino [at]

Jeni Koleva
Jeni is a managing editor of Evropa.Dnevnik. In and Dnevnik Daily she has made her first steps in journalism. Jeni graduated European studies in Sofia University, that's why she is very interested in the European policies and issues. Except for EU she likes to tell the stories about interesting people with curious occupations.
Contact: jeni.gkoleva [at]

Iliya Valkov
Iliya  is a political journalist. He is writing for political, economical, criminal, military and environmental issues. His career started in newspaper Dnevnik, now is a reporter in the National Darik radio. Freelance author in newspaper "Sega". He has been also worked as a political and communication advisor. Iliya Valkov has a PhD in Crisis communication (cathedra “Public relations” of the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”). The field of his research is crisis communication in the interplay: institutions, social movements, business, media. He is Bachelor at Public Relations and Master of Sociology. Lecturer in Media Ethics and Communication of Social Change in Sofia University.
Contact: valkovilia[@]

Lyubomira Konstantinova
Lyubomira works in the cultural program "Hristo Botev" of the Bulgarian National Radio. Her professional experience passes through few televisions, one newspaper and also in the field of online media. She made a PHD in the Sofia University with the doctoral thesis “Radio and art. Program interpretations of the Bulgarian national radio”, successfully defended in 2008.

Kosara Belnikolova
Kosara works as an Editor at the Educational website AkademikaBG. Meanwhile she is part of the management team of the independent student online radio Reaction. Kosara graduated in Radio journalism at the University of Sofia.
Contacts: kosarabel[at]

Metodi Gerasimov
Metodi works in the international department of Tdud Daily. He has experience in various Bulgarian media and he has traveled though even more countries. He is particularly interested in the opinion of those members of the society, whose voice is weak and hardly get the attention of the mainstream media. He has graduated archeology in the University of Thessaloniki.

Ralitsa Kovacheva

Ralitsa is a Bulgarian online journalist, specialized in European issues.  Currently, she is a PhD student at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Her research is focused on the process of Europeanization of media. Ralitsa is the national winner in the competition for the European Parliament Prize for Journalism 2011 in the category “Internet”.

Contacts: kovacheva.r[at]

Rossen Bossev
Roseen  is journalist at Capital Weekly in Sofia, Bulgaria. He writes on judiciary, law enforcement and human rights issues. His articles are part of the ongoing judicial reform in Bulgaria. He was twice awarded at the International Right to Know Day for his use of the freedom of information act in his investigations. He received his bachelor’s degree from the. He has also specialized in investigative reporting in the United States.
Contact: rosenb[at]

Ruslan Tard
Ruslan is a blogger and a freelance journalist interested in the topics of the Middle East and Northern Africa. He has been a lecturer in the Diplomatic institute, New Bulgarian University, Sofia University and the Red house. He is a co-founder of the Bulgarian section of Global voices. In 2009 he founded the Forum for Arabic culture. He has graduated public relations in Sofia University.
Contact: ruslantra[at]

Spas Spasov
Spas is a correspondent in Varna and the Black Sea region for Capital Weekly and He has a master degree from TheUniversity of Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria where he graduated in Bulgarian Philology and French language then worked for various print and electronic media. In 1995 he worked on the program concept for the first FM information radio station in Bulgaria tracking the news updates. He followed the "Internet Media" course of the"Centre de formation et perfectionnement des journalistes" in Paris, France,was an intern at "Radio France Internationale" and "France info" and has specializations in the United States and the Netherlands.
Contact:  spas[at]dnevnik[dot]bg

Associate members

Boyko Blagoev
Boyko is the PR Officer of the European Parliament's Information Office in Bulgaria. He is also the co-founder of 365 Association that organizes the free walking tours of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna as well as part of the Board of Tuk-Tam Association that brings together foreign-educated Bulgarians. Boyko has been international news reporter at the Bulgarian News Agency and has been a trainee at the Press Service of the European Parliament. Beside certified tour guide, he is also freelance translator and interpreter. He writes about his favourite places in Sofia in the Spotted By Locals guide. For years, Boyko has been collecting quotations in his website citati.BG.
Contacts: boikoblagoev [at]

Boryana Dzhambazova

Boryana Dzhambazova is a freelance journalist. She started her journalism career in 2005, writing for both Bulgarian and foreign publications. Since then she has covered a wide range of topics - from economic and political developments to social affairs and human rights issues. Her articles appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Business Week, and Fast Company, among others. She holds a bachelor degree in journalism from Sofia University and a master's in new media from New York University as a Fulbright scholar.

Contacts: [at]

Victor Nikolov

Victor Nikolov graduated in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", specialty "Bulgarian Philology".He has worked in the newspaper" Business News ", has led his section in the youth program of "On The Street"  in TV Vesselina. After another year he started radio version into the same name radio. In the same year started his other project "Auto Weekend" - a two-hour weekend show on the same radio. In the period 2007-2010 Victor creates and writes the automotive page of the newspaper "Telegraph". Briefly in 2010 participated in video projects in "Travel TV" and nearly four years dealing with the current field - Video Editor in technological Digital Media.

Contacts: viktor[at]

Vladimir Shopov
Vladimir  is co-founder and editor of and columnist at FORBES Bulgaria. Political scientist, graduate of Sofia University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Post-graduate studies at Oxford University and Peking University, China. External lecturer in politics.
Contacts: vpshopov[at]

Rozalina Laskova
Rozalina engages actively in the field of good governance, active civil society, freedom of speech and media freedom. She is member of the managing board of the Berlin based international organization MitOst e.V. She is also a freelance cultural manager and researcher on topics such as cultural and creative industries, art management, social innovation and human capital, good governance. Rozalina studied law at Humboldt University in Berlin and business administration at the University for National and World Economy in Sofia. She worked in the state administration in Bulgaria and Germany in the spheres of good governance, modernization and reform of the administration, European Structural funds, EU policies. She is a fellow of Goerdeler-Kolleg for Good Governance (Robert Bosch Stiftung) and Marshall Memorial Fellowship (GMF).
Contact: laskova.rozalina[at]